Spadina WaveDeck

The first in a series of unique new waterfront public spaces, the Spadina WaveDeck is an elegant symbol of waterfront revitalization.

About The WaveDecks

Located at the foot of Simcoe, Rees and Spadina along Queens Quay, this series of iconic urban docks are an artistic and functional public space along one of Toronto’s most heavily used parts of the waterfront.


Designed by West8 + DTAH, these ipe and cedar decks were inspired by the shorelines of Ontario’s great lakes and provide unique access to the water’s edge where previously there was none. The stairs act as an informal amphitheatre and the decks varying heights offer captivating views of the city and lake. Colourful LED fixtures mounted below the structures cast a vibrant glow on the water’s edge at night, making each site a popular attraction throughout the day.

The SpadinaWaveDeck opened in 2008 followed by the Simcoe and Rees WaveDecks in 2009. These must-see waterfront landmarks have received eight international design awards, including a Royal Architectural Institute of Canada National Urban Design Award.

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Video: Toronto Star - WaveDecks

Christopher Hume of The gives us a tour of the Somcoe, Spadina and Reese wavedecks.