Queens Quay West

The new Queens Quay is a showpiece for the city – an iconic waterfront boulevard.

About Queens Quay West

From Lower Spadina Avenue to Bay Street, the once uninviting Queens Quay has been transformed into a spacious waterfront boulevard that connects people to the water’s edge.

The street has been rebalanced to make it a place for people, bikes and transit – not just an arterial road. A grand pedestrian promenade about three times the size of a normal city sidewalk graces the south side of Queens Quay. Running alongside the promenade is the Martin Goodman Trail – a safe place for cyclists and joggers. The Martin Goodman Trail is flanked by 156 London plane trees, which will mature to form a shady canopy.

Streetcars run along the centre of the street with widened platforms and new amenities for passengers. Along Queens Quay’s north side, a two-lane roadway with expanded turning lanes and additional curbside loading space keep traffic flowing smoothly. New trees and granite sidewalks in front of residences, shops and restaurants help create a lively waterfront atmosphere. Much of the most complicated work for the revitalization of Queens Quay happened beneath the new street, where aging utilities and services were replaced and updated.

Designed by renowned landscape architects West 8 + DTAH, Queens Quay is a must-see waterfront destination.


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