Port Lands: The New Mouth of the Don River

The naturalized mouth of the Don River will become the dynamic centrepiece of a revitalized Port Lands

The Port Lands was once the largest natural wetland in Lake Ontario. Beginning in the 1900s, this area was gradually infilled to make more land available to serve the city’s growing industrial and shipping sectors. Today, the Port Lands still serves as a working port and houses a variety of light industrial and other services; but, for the most part, it’s a massive underutilized, contaminated brownfield site in the middle of a flood plain.

The complex solution to this problem will create a new channel for the Don River, restored wetlands and parks and open spaces. Together, they will mitigate the risk and costs associated with major flooding. This will then enable the development of vibrant, complete and sustainable mixed-use communities.

Villiers Island – a stunning new waterfront community – will emerge from this new river valley. It will be a complete community that embraces its distinct industrial history and the spectacular new parks, public spaces and ecological richness that will result from the naturalized mouth and new river valley. Villiers Island will introduce a vitality to the area that honours the distinctive culture associated with waterfront districts and vibrant working ports.

With exceptional views of Toronto’s Inner Harbour and the city’s skyline, Villiers Island will form a gateway from the city to the Port Lands. When redeveloped into a mixed-use area, Villiers Island will offer an unprecedented experience that celebrates its industrial heritage and provides a contemporary model for sustainable city building.

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