Corktown Common

A charming park with an award winning, sustainable design.

Why this is a great design

Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, this 7.3 hectare park is an exceptional design that capitalizes on the unique landscape and open sightlines to the Toronto skyline, the Don River and beyond. Innovatively positioned atop the flood protection landform, Corktown Common is a creative use of vital infrastructure.

The park’s extensive wetlands and urban prairie support a diversely planted habitat with ecological richness that encourages biodiversity and a healthy forested area. The extensive marsh is an essential component of the park’s ecological stormwater management system, treating runoff within the park. The water from the stormwater management system is used for onsite irrigation needs reducing the use of municipal potable water. The sustainable wood pavilion offsets onsite power through solar panels and houses the onsite stormwater UV treatment system that recycles park runoff for the park’s irrigation needs.

Corktown Common is a multi-award winning park, including The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Sustainable Communities Award for Neighbourhood Development.

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